The stainless steel elements

Our offerincludeselements ofrailingsmade ​​fromspecific materialsthat perfectlyfulfilltheir designationand are used inmany industriessuch assystem stainless steelrailing, glass roofs, glasswall systems. Please notethat the listedprices forrailings partsare net amounts. The rangeofferedisregularly expandedwith new products, including the elements ofrailings, whichare available in threevarietiesof stainless steel.



Roofsare made based onindividual projects. Each of theroofsismade​​taking into account theloads fromsnow and windconsidering the mounting conditions. Anytype of glasswhichwe can applytothis type of designallows you to givethe facadeoptimalappearanceand match itto the overall lookof the building.


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