Self-supporting stairs

Stairs ona self-supportingstructure-is oneof the best solutions, enablingtheir incorporationina smallandnarrowstaircase.Thanks to the manydesign capabilities, this type of stairscan be adaptedto almost anyinteriorso thatthey formnot onlycomfortable communication elementbetween floorsbutalsounique and specialdecorative element.In our offeryou will find astringer staircasebuccal-seatpoststaircase, buccal-combstairs, combstairs, pin stairs,spiral stairsandspiral staircasewithcurvedelements. We present a portfolioof allconstructions madeonthe basis of fullsolidwood element. For us,nothing is impossible, depending on the expectations, we will makesteps,which will bea showcase ofyourhome!



Roofsare made based onindividual projects. Each of theroofsismade​​taking into account theloads fromsnow and windconsidering the mounting conditions. Anytype of glasswhichwe can applytothis type of designallows you to givethe facadeoptimalappearanceand match itto the overall lookof the building.


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