Laser Cutting

Modernservicethat allows obtaining theshape made ofasheet islaser cutting. During the process,the laser beamis used. The laserleadsto the localmelting andseparationof the material.Laser cuttingis carried out usingspecialized equipmentand in differentpositions.

The advantagesof laser cutting:

  • precision ofcutting
  • clean and smoothsurface
  • flexibility ofthe cutting process
  • narrowkerf

We offerlaser cuttingof high qualityandaccuracy.In our workwe use onlythe highestlaser cuttingtechnology. We undertakecuttingcomplex shapesfromsheet metal.We do thisathigh volume, as well as forindividualpieces.



Roofsare made based onindividual projects. Each of theroofsismade​​taking into account theloads fromsnow and windconsidering the mounting conditions. Anytype of glasswhichwe can applytothis type of designallows you to givethe facadeoptimalappearanceand match itto the overall lookof the building.


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