Glass railings

Railingsare elements ofthe interiorthat playa decorative rolein addition to itsprimary function, whichis to ensure thesafety ofhome users. Railingsmade ​​ofa singlepane of glassperfectly fit into thestyleof minimalist, modern housesandpenthouses. Glass balustradesgivea unique characterto any room,whichthey are located in. Besides the obviousaestheticadvantages glass balustradesperfectlyfulfillits primaryrole- to preservethe safety of users. They are ideally suited forsecuringstairs, balconies orterraces. By usingthe latest technology,glass isa highlydurable andaesthetically pleasingmaterial forbalustrades,which means thatthey are becomingmore and more popularamong the mostdemanding customers. GlaswerkBrandmanufacturesbalustradesof uniformglass paneswith a lengthof up to6000mm. Such largeglass elementsrequiregreat precisionand experienceduring installation.Glaswerkteamis a group ofexperienced professionals, perfectlymatchedtosuch tasks.Usedtechnology allows theuse of twotypes of glassbalustradesfittings -with visibleor fullyconcealedfixings. It shouldalso be notedthat the glassimprovesthe overalloptics ofthe premises.